FAQ for Students

The program is based on voluntariness. You and your host decide on what you want to do. Please be aware of safety and cultural differences of both parties.
No. Your hostfamily has no financial obligation for you. You are financially responsible for your college expenses, lodging and other activities.
The best and fastest way to register for “Strangers Become Friends” is the online application form or the paper application format the International Office (Uni) and the International Affairs Department (FH).
Both host and international student are supposed to name preferences. We’re trying our best to consider those and make the perfect match.
The initial contact usually takes place via e-mail. After getting the contact dates please send a first e-mail to establish the contact. You will then meet your host here in Germany and talk about what to do next.
There are no rules. It is left entirely up to the participants when to meet. We experienced that students and partners get together one to three times per month or more – depending on how well they get along with each other, how interested they are in getting together, and how much time they have. It is your decision. But please take appointments serious and if you have to cancel one please let your host know ahead of time. Also, please reply to their emails and do not ignore them even if you are very busy.
Just write an e-mail. The coordinator will help you to solve the problem and, if you wish we find you a new partner or partner family.
Most hosts can speak English or other languages. The coordinator always considers the best possible match. And of course you should be able to improve your German language skills.