Domstufen zur Bistumswallfahrt

Intercultural Picknick 16. September

Willkommen, welcome, ترحيب, bienvenue, hoan nghênh, добро пожаловать, bienvenida, καλωσόρισμα, خوش آمدید, ښه راغلاست

The intercultural picknick took place a bright September Sunday afternoon near Domplatz, or rather the cathedral area. The motto of the event was ‘sharing.’ Everyone was encouraged to bring something to share- be it food, beverages or interesting conversation. Even “From Strangers to Friends” participated in the ‘sharing’ by planning and putting on the much-anticipated event.

The picknick was held shortly after the divine service (diocese pilgrimage). The clergy generously provided tables, water, flatbread, and fruit with us. So, in a very literal sense, the church also took part in our motto of ‘sharing.’

This year the special service (diocese pilgrimage) was about how to build solidarity with and have empathy for those in difficult situations around the world.  We found the topic of the sermon to be perfectly fitting for our intercultural picknick! All in all, we could not have asked for a better location.

Overall, the picknick was a great success: there was a plethora interesting conversation, delicious food, great music- thanks to Judy Bailey and Banda International- and even dancing. The intercultural picknick was not only a success for local partners and long-time students, but also for the newly arrived international students. The welcoming atmosphere and general merriment of the event was a great way for the new students to become acclimated to their new home.