Plakate zur IKW

IKW – Brand of Possibilities

Connection through diversity is the reoccurring theme of Intercultural Week, which took place in Erfurt from September 23rd to 29th of this year. Intercultural Week is a great opportunity not to only meet and connect with those of diverse backgrounds, but also to share and exchange differing worldviews. What is more, Intercultural Week openly demonizes racism, antisemitism, and similar forms of discrimination.

A highlight from this year’s Intercultural Week was the presentation given by the Honorary Office on “The Market of Intercultural Opportunities.” Many other clubs and organizations were also able to participate, including “From Strangers to Friends”. Each volunteer was given a small Tolkien of appreciation for their participation in Intercultural Week by the Honorary (volunteer) Department of Thuringia. 

The project “Our New Neighbors”, through the Thuringia Fund for Civic Engagement, helps those with immigration backgrounds, advocates for global hospitality, and actively seeks to build and cultivate a foreigner-friendly culture in Thuringia.